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L.A. at risk

LOS ANGELES—A study by NASA and university researchers finds there’s a 99.9 percent probability of a magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquake within three years in an area of greater Los Angeles, where a moderate temblor occurred last year.

Kremlin-controlled TV airs ‘secret’ plans for new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo

MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said plans for a new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo shown on Kremlin-controlled television were secret and should never have been aired.

NTV and Channel One showed a large document ‚Äî filmed over a military officer’s shoulder during a meeting with Putin ‚Äî with drawings and details of a weapons system called Status-6.

Venus twin a real sizzler

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—There’s a new rocky Earth-size planet on our galactic block—and it’s a sizzler.

Astrophysicists yesterday revealed the newfound world, which is named GJ 1132b after the small nearby star that it orbits.

Even though the mercury can hit 450 degrees F on this planet, it’s cool enough to have a thick Venus-like atmosphere.

Diamond sets record

GENEVA—An exceptionally-large blue diamond sold yesterday for 48.6 million Swiss francs ($48.5 million)—a new record price for any jewel at auction, Sotheby’s said.

It culminated two Geneva auctions in which a convicted Hong Kong tycoon on both times bought a rare coloured diamond to honour his daughter.