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Visitors to Rio will find all five senses triggered

RIO DE JANEIRO—Right after getting off the plane, sweat beads will start to gather on your forehead.

That’s just Rio de Janeiro’s ever-present humidity saying “hello.”

Look around and you will be enveloped by shades of green—lush tropical forests jammed between buildings of all sizes—and tones of blue along the miles of inviting coastlines.

Olympics offers showcase for new technology

Besides dazzling feats of athleticism, dazzling new technologies will be on display at the Olympics.

About 217 million viewers in the U.S. alone tuned in to the London Olympics four years ago, making it the most watched TV event in history.

The television audience is expected to increase for the Rio Olympics, which formally open Friday.

Nazi day planner reveals how mass murder institutionalized

BERLIN — Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler’s day planner reinforces historians’ views of how mass murder was institutionalized and routine in Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

Bild newspaper this week has been publishing excerpts from the calendar, which was found in a Russian archive in 2013 and is being prepared for publication next year.