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Andrew Hallikas


Dear editor:

Yes, Jim, “to gain respect you have to respect others!”

I have always found you to be a reasonable and fair individual; one who did his research and homework. I would think these are important qualities in a newspaper publisher.

Where to begin?

Dear editor:

Where to begin? I refer to the Rainy River District School Board’s press release of April 19.

I have never read a more disingenuous, misleading, inaccurate press release. In one fell swoop, the board has managed to annoy, anger, and insult its secondary school teachers under the guise of purporting to invite the teachers back to the bargaining table.

Some inaccuracies

Dear Mike:

The Fort Frances Library Technology Centre would like to correct some inaccuracies in the letter submitted by Cathie Sinninghe on April 13/16.

We certainly appreciate Cathie’s letter and value her support and sentiments. Unfortunately, Cathy was misinformed regarding some of the staffing remarks that she mentioned.