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Allison Jones

Catholic teachers agree to contract extension

TORONTO—Ontario's English Catholic teachers have ratified an agreement to extend their contracts past the next provincial election.

Members of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association voted 87 percent in favour of the two-year extension, which gives them four percent in raises and gives the Liberal government labour peace ahead of the June, 2018 vote.

Hydro bill cut to cost more later

TORONTO—Soaring electricity bills in Ontario will see an average 17-percent cut this summer—a year before the provincial Liberals bid for re-election—but those savings ultimately will cost ratepayers billions in extra interest payments.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne acknowledged today that the bill for the across-the-board-relief eventually will come due for ratepayers.

Secondary teachers plan informal talks

TORONTO—The union representing Ontario's high school teachers is planning “informal talks” with the province this week to discuss a return to contract extension negotiations.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation is the only education union to have not yet agreed to extend their current deals to 2019—past next year's provincial election.