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Allison Jones

Sweeping changes to Ontario's policing laws

TORONTO—Sweeping changes to Ontario's policing laws were introduced yesterday, including strengthening oversight, making it possible to suspend officers without pay, and redefining police duties.

The new rules, contained in a massive piece of legislation years in the making, would include the first update to the province's Police Services Act in more than 25 years.

New least restrictive bail policy for Ontario

TORONTO—Crown attorneys are being told that bail considerations should start with the least restrictive form of release, as Ontario tries to cut court backlogs and reduce the number of legally innocent people in custody.

A new bail directive announced yesterday is part of Ontario's response to the Supreme Court of Canada's Jordan decision that set out time limits for criminal cases.

MPPs united against Quebec's religious law

TORONTO—Ontario politicians yesterday took the unusual step of using time in the legislature to unanimously condemn a law passed by Quebec that bans anyone from giving or receiving public services with their face covered.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Ontario and Quebec have a very close working relationship, but on this issue they fundamentally disagree.