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Allison Jones

AG says court modernization needed

TORONTO—Shortly after Caroline Mulroney took the reins as Ontario's attorney general, she spoke to a judge about the often stymied process of modernizing the court system.

“I said, 'I heard you're still working with fax machines,' and the judge said, 'Oh please don't take away our fax machines, we worked really hard to get them,'” Mulroney said in a recent interview.

Ontario cuts $46M from OPP budget

TORONTO—Ontario is planning to cut about $46 million this year from the provincial police budget, as the Progressive Conservative government tries to trim the province's deficit.

The government's expenditure estimates for this year show the funding drop, as well as scores of other cuts, including to health research, Legal Aid Ontario, library services and tourism offices.

High school teachers to start early bargaining

TORONTO—Ontario's high school teachers will start the early stages of contract talks next month in what could be a contentious round of bargaining.

Contracts for teachers and education workers at the province's publicly funded schools expire at the end of August, but Education Minister Lisa Thompson has asked unions to come to the table early.