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Allison Jones

Bid to speed up hearing rejected

TORONTO—An Ontario court yesterday rejected a request to speed up a hearing into whether it should order an ombudsman investigation into the appointment of a friend of the premier's to the job of top cop.

OPP deputy commissioner Brad Blair has asked Ontario's Divisional Court to force a probe into the hiring of Toronto police Supt. Ron Taverner as the new OPP commissioner.

Election down to choice between Tories or NDP

TORONTO—Ontario goes to the polls today in an election that could see a seismic political shift if Doug Ford's Tories beat out the NDP, their closest rival, and win a majority government, as the latest polls suggest.

Either way, the vote will bring an end to 15 years of Liberal government—as Premier Kathleen Wynne herself admitted last week in a stunning announcement.

Wynne campaigns hard even after predicting defeat

TORONTO—Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne switched gears yesterday, from pushing for her party to be re-elected to instead using the last few days of the election campaign to try to save what Liberal seats she can.

Wynne admitted Saturday that her party won't form government after Thursday's election but pleaded with voters to at least elect some Liberals.

Province won't release bridge repair estimates

TORONTO—Repairs to a bridge in Northwestern Ontario will take nearly three years and delays have pushed the total cost well over the initial $8 million-$12 million estimate, according to documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

But the Ontario government is refusing to say just how much over—and whether taxpayers will have to foot the bill for fixes to the Nipigon Bridge.