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Find Body Of Jimmy McQuat

The body of Jimmy McQuat, the hermit of White Otter Lake, who has been missing since last October, was found on June 27th by T.C. Campbell, a fire ranger.
The head and arms were gone, but the body was identified, and the mystery of his disappearance solved. He had apparently fallen into the water near his home while working on his nets, and becoming entangled with them was drowned, although he was said to be a good swimmer.
Jimmy McQuat was well-known to many lumbermen and prospectors but he disliked much company, preferring to be alone. He was haunted by the curse directed at home when a lad in mistake for another boy.
A stranger was annoyed at some mischievous prank, and said he would not die in a shack. After failures in life he came to the north woods and going to White Otter Lake about 25 miles south of Savanne, determined that he wold not die in a shack.
There he erected his castle with entirely his own hands. It is a building 34x24 three stories high, surmounted by a tower, built entirely of logs hewed and placed in position by himself, entailing an enormous amount of labour and patience. It was well finished and made a comfortable home. It was surrounded by an old-fashioned garden, and was certainly a quaint pleasant place in the wilderness.
During the war, he offered the place to the government as a convalescent home for returned soldiers.
In addition to his castle, he also built a tomb for himself near his home where it was his wish to be buried. He feared the curse might be fulfilled and his last resting place left unmarked.
The wishes of the strange old man have been complied with.

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