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Joan Christensen, who plays the society page editor, rehearsed her lines for the upcoming stage production of “It Can't Happen Here,” a 1935 novel by Minnesota-born novelist Sinclair Lewis, presented by the Borealis Bards in collaboration with Icebox Radio Theatre.

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Nicole Avis and her children, Aspen and Kiplan, enjoyed making some homemade pizza yesterday at the “Valentine's Pizza Party" hosted by the Fort Frances "Best Start" Hub at the "Circle of Life” building on Mowat Avenue. Those on hand were able to build pizzas to their own liking while also enjoying some fruit dipped into a chocolate fondue.

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Nixon Smith looked to be having fun inside an ice shack with his grandfather, Ken Jasper, left, mother, Meaghan Jasper, and father, Matt Smith. —Photo submitted by Meaghan Jasper

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Cassie Westover showed off her catch en route to finishing in second place in the Northern division.

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A tractor-trailer lost part of its log load at Central Avenue late Thursday morning, temporarily affecting the traffic flow there. The spilled cargo was picked up shortly after lunchtime and stacked in the nearby alleyway, fully clearing the southbound lane on the north side of the intersection by early afternoon. The logs remain stacked on nearby property for the time being.

At Riverside Health Care, we are dedicated to providing our residents and staff with a safe and healthy environment that delivers the highest quality of care.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care temporarily has ceased admissions at Rainycrest Long-Term Care in order that we can rectify some areas of non-compliance.

We support the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in their efforts to ensure the public of high-quality care in all long-term care homes in the province.

For most of the past century, Americans have wondered if an authoritarian politician ever could be elected to high office in the United States.

Could a persuasive individual assume dictatorial control?

An answer often offered was made famous by a 1935 novel by Minnesota-born novelist Sinclair Lewis entitled “It Can't Happen Here.”